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The Importance of Getting Your Furnace Air Filter Cleaned

Do you have your furnace air filter cleaned every few months? Did you even know that your furnace had an air filter until just now? It’s okay if you didn’t, because most people don’t. However, it’s very important that you have your air filter cleaned or replaced at least once for every three months you use it. Otherwise, you leave yourself open to one of the biggest problems a furnace can run into: short-cycling. Let’s take a look at how a clogged air filter can cause furnace short-cycling, and what that will do to your system.

The Air Filter

The purpose of the air filter is to protect your furnace from dust and other contaminants that can damage the system. It sits in the air return duct, and catches any debris that might be blown in. The problem is that the air filter is basically just a fiber mesh. It doesn’t have any way to get rid of the debris that it collects. If it isn’t cleaned or replaced every few months, the air filter will become clogged to the point where it doesn’t allow air into the furnace. That’s where the problem starts.


When there is not enough air getting into the furnace, all the heat that the system generates becomes trapped inside it. This causes the temperature inside the system to rise to dangerous levels, which activates the limit switch. The limit switch shuts down the furnace to protect it from overheating, but that doesn’t solve the root problem. When the furnace reactivates, it will overheat again and be shut down again. This cycle continues until the system breaks down from the repeated stress of turning on and off every couple of minutes.

If you need to have your furnace air filter cleaned, or need any repairs, call Rentmeister Total Home Service. We offer furnace services throughout Clearfield, UT.

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