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These Factors Put Stress on Your Air Conditioning System

As summer wears on, your air conditioner is likely being used on a consistent basis. Summertime heat naturally places a huge amount of stress on a residential air conditioning system. As a result you’ll see higher energy bills and an increased risk of AC problems from mechanical issues to full breakdowns if your system is aging or hasn’t been properly cared for.

Could a well-maintained AC system be worked too hard? The answer is yes. But the good news is that there are a few methods to follow that can take some of the work stress off your AC and help get your energy and repair bills under control. Keep reading to learn more.

Invest in Routine Maintenance

There is no right or wrong time to have maintenance done, however you’ll find that it’s likely most convenient to have this service done during the spring, before the weather warms up too much. Regular maintenance allows our HVAC technicians to conduct proper cleaning and adjustments, in addition to any small repairs that might be needed.

Watch Your Thermostat

You shouldn’t force your AC system to run for longer than necessary. It may be tempting to place the thermostat setting below 70 degrees during the day, but if you aren’t home then this temperature is simply too low for your AC to work efficiently. Instead, you should aim to set your thermostat between 72 and 78 degrees during the time you are away, otherwise your system will run too much and can wear down faster.

Air Filter

The air filter that came standard with your HVAC system is there to protect the system’s inside components. When it becomes too clogged, it not only restricts airflow but it causes your air conditioner to work harder than it should have to.

To prevent breakdowns and undue stress on your AC system, schedule air conditioning maintenance for your Kaysville, UT home today with Rentmeister Total Home Service.

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