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It’s Time to Repair Your Furnace If…

It’s been cold lately and turning on your heater in the morning hasn’t been as effective as it used to be. You’re trying to toy with things on your end. If you’ve had your home’s current furnace for a while, then it might be time for you to upgrade. Your heater should always be able to keep you warm with ease. If you’re starting to feel like your thermostat has you programmed and not the other way around, then you should come to our team members.

Your furnace might be giving you grief. You can call our heating technicians for furnace repair in Salt Lake City, UT. Our specialists know all the signs of a repair need. We’re going to get into everything you should know below.

Upgrade When…

Here are the top signs that you should make the spring for the upgrade:

1. You’re Not Warm Enough

The mornings are freezing, and the evenings are even worse. Normally, you’d find relief in your heater, but these days it’s really not cutting it like it used to. You’re shivering when you shouldn’t be. Sometimes, you might not even think that your heater is on when it’s been working away for a while. These are all the signs of a heater that needs extra care.

2. Your Energy Bills Are Too High

You’ve used your heater as often as you always would. You really don’t run it for any reason other than the fact that it’s cold. Your heating bill doesn’t reflect this. If you didn’t live in your own home and know how you run your heater, you’d think you were just turning your unit on for fun. If nothing is different, then you need to call us for repair work. We’ll get rid of your efficiency problems and help you have a safe and warm winter.

3. Low Air Quality

Your home is dustier than usual and it doesn’t seem to end. On top of that, you keep thinking that you’re coming down with a cold because it’s not always so easy for you to breathe. Your IAQ is declining and it’s out of nowhere. You need to improve your home’s heating and you should start with your home’s furnace first.

4. Your Heater Smells Funny

Your home always smells nice. This is especially true during this time of year. Your home smells particularly good during this time of year … fresh baked cookies, pine needles, and hot cocoa. But something is a little off. If it’s coming from your heater, then it could be potentially dangerous. We’re here to help.

5. There Are Odd Sounds

Halloween season has passed, but your home still feels quite spooky. There are a lot of bumps in the night that make you feel like something is going on. After the initial fright, you realize that it’s just your furnace—but now you have to deal with the furnace issue. You can call us. We’ll figure out the source of the problem and solve it.

Contact Rentmeister Total Home Service today. We’ll repair your furnace fast and easily this winter season.

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