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Tips to Keep Cool When Your AC Breaks Down

the heat wave is coming,business man holding a electric fanAn air conditioner breakdown is something that no homeowner wants to face. Granted, our summers are not as hot as those in other parts of the country, but still, they’re pretty unbearable without the right amount of indoor cooling.

So what happens when your Layton, UT air conditioning system breaks down? You can call for repairs, but waiting even an hour or two for a service professional on one of the hottest days of the year can be problematic for sure. And what if you need a complete system replacement? Then you’re out of luck for even longer. The good news is, we have some tips for you on how to stay cool while you wait for a technician to come service your AC.

Stay Hydrated

Be sure to drink plenty of water or natural (not sweetened) fruit juice. It’s recommended that you avoid caffeine and alcohol as these can actually dehydrate you. Be sure too to wear lightweight, light-colored, and loose-fitting clothing to allow yourself to sweat to cool off.

Keep the Curtains Closed and the Sun Out

You may be surprised at just how much heat your home can gain through your windows, even if they’re closed. Opening your windows can let unwanted humidity in, making it seem even warmer than it is, while simply having them closed with no curtains or blinds allows the sun to beat down into the rooms.

Open Windows Once the Sun Has Gone Down

That is, if the temperature is about 75°F or below. This allows your home to get a breeze and cool down naturally so that the next morning it will stay cooler longer, so long as you shut everything up once temperatures begin climbing again.

Turn on Fans

You may have seen us mention in our blog before that a fan cannot lower the temperature of the room, and it’s true. But having your fans on when your air conditioner is broken down is better than nothing. It creates a breeze and helps sweat evaporate from your body, thereby cooling you off.

Go Find a Pool or Take a Cold Shower

You’ll probably find that this can cool you off quite a bit and keep you comfortable for at least a couple of hours. It’s also relaxing, particularly if you do it right before bedtime. It will help you cool off enough that you’ll hopefully be able to fall asleep with ease.

Don’t Sleep with Covers

Speaking of bedtime, even if you feel a little cool (such as, after taking a cold shower), if your AC is broken down we recommend sleeping with very little covers if possible. You’ll probably wake up feeling a lot more comfortable than you would have otherwise!

Buy a Portable Dehumidifier

We really recommend a whole-house dehumidification system for the summer months. However, these systems run alongside your air conditioner and depending on what’s wrong with your cooling system, you may not be able to use it. A portable dehumidifier won’t do a whole lot, however drying out the air a bit will certainly make it feel cooler.

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