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Watch for These Gas Fireplace Issues

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the importance of fireplace maintenance, stating that routine tune-ups will ensure that they consume fuel as they should and vent as they should. Maintenance also keeps you safe from potential fire-related dangers.

Without maintenance, you can run into a number of problems. Although that’s not to say that even a well-maintained fireplace can’t run into issues. It’s important to be aware of what can go wrong to make sure you keep your family and your home safe. Keep reading for a few of the most common gas fireplace problems that homeowners deal with.

Pilot Light Failure

Your fireplace is similar to any other gas-powered heater, in that it requires a steady pilot light to get it started. If this goes out and you can’t get it re-lit, then there might be a gas flow problem. Make sure that your gas valve is open. If it is and you still are having issues re-lighting the pilot light, then you’ll need to have a professional inspection done on your gas line to pinpoint the problem.

The Burner Will Not Light

Your fireplace’s burner is where the gas jets ignite in order to produce flames. If they don’t come on, then your burner may have become dirty, causing insufficient oxygen for the flames to ignite. Similar to the pilot light, the problem may be due to gas flow.

Thermocouple Malfunction

The thermocouple is a small device comprised of two separate pieces of metal that sense ambient temperature. This device sits in the flame of the pilot to check that it is on, and if the pilot light goes out, then the thermocouple will shut off the gas valve to prevent any hazards. But if the thermocouple is dirty or poorly adjusted, then it will continue to shut off the gas whether the pilot is lit or not.

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