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What Are My Options for Air Purifiers?

Keeping your indoor air quality high is best accomplished using a whole-house air purifier. These are systems that remove airborne contaminants from your air supply in order to keep you from suffering the ill effects of exposure. There is a huge number of different air purifiers on the market today, far too many for us to go over all of them in detail. However, we can cover a few of the most popular ones. Let’s take a look at some of those types now.

Air Filters

Air filters are the simplest, and most popular, type of air purifier in the country. An air filter is just a woven fiber mesh stretched across a frame, which is installed in the air return vent of your ducts. As air flows through the filter, any contaminants that it’s carrying will become trapped in the fiber. As long as the filter is cleaned every few months, it is quite effective at removing airborne contaminants form your air.

Ionization Purifiers

Ionization purifiers operate by releasing a cloud of magnetized particles. As contaminants come into contact with these particles, they gain a magnetic charge of their own. They are then attracted to metal plates inside the purifier, which have an opposite charge. The plates are then removed and cleaned to get rid of the contaminants.

UV Air Purifiers

These are large lightbulbs that give off high levels of ultraviolet light. Most biological airborne contaminants, like viruses, bacteria, and mold spores, are either sterilized or killed upon contact with high levels of UV radiation. So a UV air purifier helps keep you healthy by killing off any infectious agents in your air that might make you sick.

If you’d like more information about the various types of air purifiers available, call Rentmeister Total Home Services. We offer a full range of air purifier services throughout Ogden, UT.

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