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What are Pinhole Leaks?

When we see plumbing leaks on the news, in movies, or in TV shows, the effect is often dramatic. Water shoots out of the ground, through exposed pipes, or up through the sink faucet, flooding the area quickly. But in real life, leaks are often much smaller, which can often carry even worse consequences. If a leak is noticeable, you can shut off the water and schedule service right away. However, if a tiny pinhole leak affects your plumbing, you may not notice it until it has already damaged multiple parts of your property.

Detecting Pinhole Leaks

Prevent and detect pinhole leaks in your home by scheduling regular plumbing maintenance in Farmington, UT with the technicians at Rentmeister Total Home Service. We will thoroughly inspect your entire plumbing system, so you can find out about such issues before they lead to big trouble.

Pinhole leaking describes a phenomenon in which copper pipes, which are normally resistant to corrosion, begin to corrode. In fact, scientists have no solid explanation for why this occurs. It can happen without warning, even in areas where the pipes are not particularly old. Luckily, it’s rather rare, but sometimes it can affect an entire community, and experts are still unsure of what contaminants or elements in the chemistry of the water supply cause the pipes to react in that way.

The Consequences

Pinhole leaks are sometimes worse than burst pipes because you may not notice their presence for an extended period of time. Pinhole leaks may cause a drop in the water pressure, but this pressure reduction may not always be so obvious. Water can slowly leak out onto foundational beams, floorboards, walls, and ceilings until the damage is past repair. You may need to renovate an entire room just to alleviate the damages caused by a tiny leak.

You can find out whether pinhole leaking is a potential problem on your property with regular inspections. A plumbing maintenance visit includes a thorough inspection as well as a tuneup of some of your most important plumbing equipment.

Call on the experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service at the first sign of leaking or to schedule complete plumbing maintenance in Farmington, UT.

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