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What Are Some Common Heating Problems Cause by Faulty Thermostats?

The thermostat in your home has a greater importance to your comfort than you’ve probably realized. It serves as the control panel where you set the heater and air conditioner; but it’s also the sensor that tracks your home’s temperatures and sends instructions to the HVAC system. The thermostat not only controls activating your heater, but also when the blower motor turns on and off. When a thermostat develops faults, even small ones, it can lead to significant problems with your heating.

However, since many of these heating troubles can come from other sources, it can be difficult to tell when the thermostat is the actual cause. Whenever you encounter problems with your heater, call on a professional heating service in Bountiful, UT to investigate and diagnose the problem, and then track down the source.

Rentmeister Total Home Service is ready around the clock with emergency repairs, whether for your thermostat or anything else.

Problems a faulty thermostat can cause

  • Short cycling: This refers to when a heater shuts down prematurely without completing the regular heating cycle. Repeated short-cycling causes extreme wear and tear on a heating system and rapid aging, leading to repairs and possibly an early replacement. If a thermostat becomes miscalibrated and senses incorrect temperatures, it can start to force the heater to short-cycle.
  • Blower won’t stop running: Thermostats use separate wires to turn the blower motor of a heating system on and off. If the thermostat loses a connection in one of the wires, it will cause the blower motor to turn on and keep running unless you disconnect the whole system from the power. This wastes energy and will rapidly cause the motors to wear down.
  • Heater will not turn on: Another set of wires on a thermostat sends the signals to turn the heater on and off. A frayed or damaged wire will cause the heater to refuse to turn on at all. This is one of the most confusing of all problems a thermostat can trigger, since a heater that won’t come on might seem like a full system breakdown, when it only needs a small repair to the thermostat to repair it.

Sometimes, you’ll encounter heating problems from an incorrectly thermostat or a mistake in programming. You should always check the thermostat first when your heater begins to behave oddly, just in case the issue comes from a simple user error. Otherwise, call for professionals: if the problem is in the thermostat, the repair work requires experienced technicians to fix it.

You may wish to consider upgrading your thermostat when it develops faults to a more accurate model with better features. (There are now models you can control from a smart phone.) Ask your technician about your options.

Whatever problems you encounter with your heater, you can trust to Rentmeister Total Home Service for quality heating service in Bountiful, UT.

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