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What Are the Benefits of a Zone Control System?

You perhaps haven’t realized that you can divide your house up into separate heating and cooling zones the same way that commercial buildings do and control the temperatures in each zone independently. It isn’t as difficult a task as you might imagine: expert installers can set it up with a series of dampers placed inside the ventilation system and additional thermostats placed throughout your home to control each region. You can have any central heating and air system retro-fit for zone control, or you can have it done as part of new installation.

There are some major advantages of switching to zone control for heating and air conditioning in Salt Lake City. Call Rentmeister Total Home Service today to learn about our services for installing new zone control systems. We also offer repairs and maintenance for whenever you need them.

3 Benefits of Zone Control to Consider

  1. Energy savings: When a central force-air heating and cooling system comes on, it conditions every room connected to its ventilation system, regardless of whether it needs it or not. With zone control, you only need to cool or heat the rooms that need it. Empty rooms, or even an entire upstairs, don’t need to have energy wasted when no one is there to benefit from it. You will find this especially useful if you have guest rooms that only see occasional use.
  2. Personalized comfort: Different people have different temperature needs; some are more sensitive to cold temperatures than others. If enough people live in your house where arguments over the right setting on the thermostat are common, zone control permits everyone the ability to adjustment the temperature in their zone to their liking. This is also useful if you have an infant, whose room will benefit from higher warmth than the rest of the house.
  3. Cooling to fit room purpose: Zone control allow you to fit the temperature in a room to its purpose. A home gym and a kitchen will need stronger cooling, while larger and more draft rooms will benefit from warmer thermostat settings. Upstairs bedrooms can have higher cooling to combat rising heat, while the downstairs bedrooms can get by with reduced cooling. With proper use of zone control, you can help to create an even spread of temperatures through a home, creating a more pleasant environment.

Our installers at Rentmeister Total Home Service can pay a visit to your home to see how best to fit the HVAC system for zone control. We have years of experience with this work: we’ve delivered comfort to homeowners in Salt Lake City, UT with air conditioning and heating service since 1953.

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