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Why a Heating Tune-Up is Important Before it Gets Cold

In Salt Lake City, heating systems form a potent defense against the dry, cold air of winter. January temperatures often dip well below freezing, making a warm cozy home more than just a luxury. You can make sure that warmth arrives without fuss or problems by planning for it well before the snows fall. A heating tune-up is important before it gets cold, ideally with the assistance of a properly trained Salt Lake City heating professional. Why? The reasons are numerous but can include the following:

  • It improves efficiency. A tune-up should entail cleaning the heating unit, tightening loose bolts and checking the unit for any worn or faulty components. That helps the heating system work smoothly and efficiently, reducing extended wear and tear and ensuring that your system won’t need to work as hard to warm your home.
  •  It lets you spot small problems before they turn into big ones. A maintenance call won’t necessarily cover bigger repairs, but it can help you spot potential issues in the early stages. That way, you can plan for a service call to properly address the issue when it’s still relatively small, rather than waiting for things to get worse and costing you money in the process.
  • The fall is a quiet month for HVAC companies. No one wants to deal with heating issues in the depths of winter, but poorly maintained units often fail when they’re needed the most. That keeps service professionals on the go in the cold months, while air conditioning problems tend to fill up their time in the hot ones. The fall is a comparatively quiet period, making it easy to schedule and plan for a proper tune-up.

Utah winters can be unpredictable, especially in towns with a high elevation like Salt Lake City. A heating specialists can help get your system into top shape before the snows start to fall.  Rentmeister Total Home Service has the knowledge and experience to keep your HVAC system in top shape. Call us today. We can explain why a heating tune-up is important before it gets cold, then schedule a service call at your convenience.

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