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Why Consider Ductless Heating?

Sometimes there are so many choices for home heating that it can be almost overwhelming to decide on one. But understanding how certain systems work and what they can offer you and your home can go a long way toward helping you choose and install a heating system that fits great with your home. One system to consider is ductless heating. Some wonder how ductless systems can heat a home, so we’ll take some time to explain this below. But no matter what heating system you choose, make sure you hire professionals who can properly install and service your new heating system. Since 1953, Rentmeister Total Home Service has helped many, many customers find the perfect heating system in Salt Lake City, and we can help you, too. Call us today!

How Does a Ductless System Heat?

The reason a ductless system can heat your home is that it uses heat pump technology. With a heat pump, a component called a reversing valve allows the system to offer both heating and cooling. This is because the reversing valve can change the direction of the refrigerant flow. As the homeowner, all you have to do is press the heating button on your dual-mode thermostat – the heat pump does the rest.

Why Consider a Ductless System?

One of the main reasons ductless systems have become so popular is because they can both heat and cool your home. But there are other reasons to consider a ductless system:

  • Easy installation – a ductless system has an outdoor unit that contains the compressor and condenser and indoor blowers that distribute the heat. All that’s required to connect the indoor blowers to the outdoor unit is a conduit drilled into an exterior wall. A single outdoor unit can support up to 4 indoor blowers, so as long as you have the support, you can easily add as many indoor blowers as you need.
  • Very energy efficient – heat pumps use about 25% of the electricity of a whole-home air conditioning system, and no fossil fuels whatsoever. This makes them very energy efficient and environmentally-friendly.
  • Customized comfort – each blower can be set at its own temperature, which allows you to create zone control.

If it seems like a ductless system may be a good fit for your heating needs, call Rentmeister Total Home Service and schedule professional heating service in Salt Lake City with one of our experts today.

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