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Why Heating Repair Matters in the Summer Time

During the summer months, Bountiful, UT can expect temperatures that range between warm to extremely hot, with only a few days that might dip down into what we could term “cool.” (Other parts of the country might still consider this “warm.”) It seems a strange time to worry about the heater in your home, which will sit idle through most of the season and may never turn on at all.

However, professional heating repairs in Bountiful, UT still matters during the summer. Prevention through repair is an excellent way to prepare for the colder weather in the fall and winter.

At Rentmeister Total Home Service, we take our name seriously: we offer services for your whole home, from air conditioning, to plumbing, to water heaters, to fireplaces. We can take care of the repairs you need for your heating system to ready it for winter or the odd rainy day. You can reach us any time of the day or night when you need emergency repair service.

The reason that heating repairs still can make a difference during the summer is because there’s no better time to have major work done on a system than when you don’t actually need the system to work for you. And if your heating system has malfunctions that require professional repairs, you probably already know about it: as the winter closed out, you may have noticed a slight decline in heating coming from the vents leading to your furnace, or strange noises emanating from the system’s cabinet. Did your power bills seem abnormally high at the end of the season? That’s another possible tip-off that you have repair issues inside your heater that could use summertime attention. Don’t wait to schedule the work until winter and the days when the heater should be working at warming you. Besides, if you delay much longer, the problem may worsen and cost you more to fix.

If you have a heat pump, you need to remain especially vigilant about heating repairs for a simple reason: your heat pump is also your air conditioner, and during the summer it will undergo a great deal of stress that will affect its ability to provide heat as well. Make sure your heat pump receives immediate repairs when needed during the summer.

Rentmeister Total Home Service has kept people warm during winter and cool during summer since 1953. For your heating repair in Bountiful, UT—no matter the time of year—call us.

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