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Here’s Why Your Home Needs to Be Repiped

home-needs-repipingThe comprehensive plumbing system that snakes its way through your residential property is not something you likely give a whole lot of thought to. After all, out of sight, out of mind, right? Unfortunately, neglecting your plumbing can lead to some pretty nasty problems—both literally and figuratively. Fortunately, you have our team on your side for all your Layton, UT area plumbing needs. But if you don’t know that there is a problem to begin with, how do you know to give us a call?

One of the most common emergency calls that our professional plumbers get is in regards to our Clearfield, UT repiping services. By the time it becomes an emergency, though, it means that you’re stuck spending a lot of money—more than you may have needed to had you taken care of the problem before it becomes a huge issue. But how do you know if your home needs repiping before a problem presents itself?

Your Pipes Are Old!

The biggest determining factor as to how long your pipes will last is the material they’re made out of. And depending on when your home was built—or you had a plumbing remodel—your pipe material may be pretty shoddy. If your home and plumbing system is over 6 to 7 decades old, then your plumbing may be constructed of brass, copper, or galvanized steel.

If this is the case, the constant pressure they’re under can cause pinhole leaks. The longer these leaks go undetected and ignored, the more likely they are to cause significant damage to your home later on.

Your Pipes Are Made of Lead or Polybutylene

Lead has been proven to be a dangerous material to use for plumbing due to its toxicity. Unfortunately, this fact was not as well-known in the ‘70s and ‘80s, when it was frequently used for piping. Another common material used during this time was polybutylene.

The problems with polybutylene piping are many—some of which don’t have much to do with the actual material used but rather within the methods in which this piping used to be installed, including improper fittings and lack of protection from weather exposure. Overall, this material is poor quality and prone to breaking.

You Have Tinged Water

Do you notice a yellowish or brownish tinge to your drinking or bathing water? First, check if it’s coming from your hot water tab only. If this is the case, then you are very likely dealing with a rusty water heater—still a problem that needs addressing, but not one that requires your home to be repiped.

If, however, you notice tinged water coming from all your tabs, then you are most likely dealing with corroded and rusty piping. This can make you ill, plus corroded pipes means pipes that are breaking down and can soon crack or burst. This is certainly a problem that warrants looking into whole-house repiping.

When you have questions about your plumbing system or need to hire professional plumbing services, look no further than Rentmeister Total Home Service. Contact our experts today!

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