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Why You Should Have Your Air Conditioner Cleaned Annually

Air conditioners, like all home heating and cooling systems, occasionally develop a need for repair. Everyone knows that this is more or less unavoidable. However, that knowledge has led a lot of people to simply ignore air conditioner maintenance until something starts obviously affecting the system in a negative way. If you want your air conditioner to last as long as possible, this is a really bad habit to get into. Air conditioners should actually be cleaned and inspected at least once a year, regardless of whether or not it actually has any obvious problems.

Let’s take a look at why you should have your air conditioner cleaned annually.

Dust can be a Serious Problem

It may sound silly, but dust can pose a serious problem for your air conditioning system. Specifically, it can interfere with the condenser coil that your air conditioner uses to remove heat from your home. Your air conditioner operates by evaporating refrigerant in a coil located in the inside unit. The refrigerant gas draws heat out of the air and into itself, cooling the home. Then, the refrigerant gas travels to the outside unit and is converted back into liquid. This vents the heat outside the home.

However, a dirty condenser coil is unable to release the heat from the refrigerant gas as effectively. This causes a significant drop in your air conditioner’s cooling ability, and traps heat inside the system. Needless to say, this isn’t good for the health of your air conditioner at all. Annual cleaning ensures that your condenser coil operates at peak efficiency.

Early Detection

Having your air conditioner cleaned at least once a year also allows your HVAC technician to examine the system for developing problems. Any developing issues that are found can be solved long before they reach full strength and cause problems for the rest of the system. This is much better for the health of your system than waiting for a problem to occur before calling for a professional.

If you haven’t had your air conditioner cleaned in a while, call Rentmeister Total Home Service. We provide air conditioning services throughout Salt Lake City.

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