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Winterizing Your Home: Protect Your Outdoor Pipes and Faucets

As temperatures have already begun to drop considerably, it’s time to prepare our homes for winter. Part of doing so is ensuring that your plumbing system is in good shape and protected from the cold weather in order to prevent any big problems now or when the springtime comes. Of course, no matter what your Kaysville, UT pipe and sewer service needs are, our professional plumbers can assist. But we’d like to help you avoid problems to begin with, if possible.

Winterizing Your Outdoor Pipes and Faucets

Part of protecting your plumbing system includes winterizing it. Naturally, the faucets outside your home are much further exposed to the cold that the pipes inside of your home, which in turn makes them more prone to freezing, which is a bigger problem than you may realize.

Water expands as it freezes, which means your pipes and fixtures take on a lot of added pressure when this happens. Your pipes and faucets are forced to expand and contract as water in them freezes and thaws, increasing the chance of leaks and cracks occurring. To avoid this, your outdoor faucet should be drained of water.

But How?

Fortunately, winterizing your outdoor faucets is relatively easy. It includes:

  • Detaching hoses and other fittings from outdoor faucets—drain them of water and then store them in a warm spot.
  • Locating your water shut-off valve leading to the outdoor faucets, and shutting it off.
  • Draining the outdoor faucets by opening them up and leaving them that way.

By following these simple steps above, you should be able to avoid a huge plumbing emergency. At least, frozen pipes will be one less thing to worry about as the weather cools and the snow comes in. If you have any questions or concerns about winterizing your plumbing, don’t hesitate to give our professionals a call.

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