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Air Purifiers in Layton, UT

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At Rentmeister Total Home Service we often recommend air purifiers to help improve the indoor air quality of homes because they eliminate so many common contaminants without putting strain on airflow in the HVAC system. Here are some of the reasons you can trust us when you’re looking for air purifier service:

  • We’re focused on quality workmanship, excellent customer service, and community involvement.
  • Every piece of equipment we install or fix is guaranteed.
  • We value innovative ideas.

Our technicians are among the best in Layton, UT and throughout Davis, Weber, and Salt Lake City Counties. Reach out to us when you’re in need. We back up all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Contact us today. Our Family's Commitment to Your Family's Comfort.

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Air Purifier Repair and Maintenance

If you have a whole-home air purifier, the technicians at Rentmeister Total Home Service can help to keep it working with prompt repairs as needed and through regular maintenance. Maintenance helps improve performance and extends the life of the equipment. During our regular HVAC inspections that are part of our Ultimate Service Agreement (USA), we check any indoor air quality devices to ensure they’re working properly. Reach out to us today in Layton, UT to learn more about the Ultimate Savings Agreement and the many benefits it brings to your HVAC system.

Air Purifiers

We’re proud to offer a full range of services for air purifiers. These air quality devices use an advanced air purification system designed to remove the vast majority of airborne contaminants from indoor air. While your HVAC system is operating, it works to create oxidizers to neutralize pollutants from entering your home.

Our air purifiers have a higher ionized hydro-peroxide output, which is more effective at killing bio-infectious materials like bacteria and other microbes. This higher output is also more effective at drawing particulates out of the air, such as pollen and dust. Air purifiers can help eliminate other pollutants from your home, including odors. If you have allergies, you should notice a significant improvement after installing an air purifier. Contact our team for details.

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