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Garbage Disposals Service

Rentmeister Total Home Service - Garbage Disposals

Rentmeister Total Home Service provides garbage disposal installation, replacement, and repair services for homeowners throughout the Layton, UT area. If your home has a busy kitchen, it is important that you have your garbage disposal installed properly to keep solid food waste and other food byproducts out of the drain lines where they can clog and damage your plumbing system. If you are ready to learn more about the process of having a new garbage disposal installed or maintaining your existing garbage disposal, contact us today.

The local plumbing experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service offer quality services for garbage disposals throughout the Layton, UT area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Call 801-773-6900 for garbage disposal service throughout the Layton area or click here to contact us


For garbage disposal installation services, call the professional plumbers at Rentmeister Total Home Service. We offer comprehensive garbage disposal installation services in Layton, UT designed to match the specific plumbing system you have installed. A garbage disposal grinds and disposes of any solid food waste to prevent it from clogging your drainpipes or sewer lines. When your garbage disposal is not installed properly, food particles or debris can get trapped in the pipes and clog the system. Even if you know how to maintain and operate your garbage disposal, your plumbing system can get clogged and potentially damaged if you don’t hire a professional plumber for the installation. For this reason, you should call us for all of your garbage disposal installation needs.


If you need a garbage disposal replacement service, call Rentmeister Total Home Service. Our expert plumbers can overhaul and replace your existing garbage disposal with a newer, more efficient model. We can also inspect any equipment that has been installed on a sink that is clogging frequently to make sure it is working correctly and let you know if it needs to be replaced.


If your garbage disposal causes frequent clogs, or it is not grinding all of the food properly before it is washed down the drain, call Rentmeister Total Home Service for garbage disposal repair service in Layton. We can send an expert garbage disposal repair technician to your home to check the unit for possible damage, as well as to clean any associated drainpipes and connections. We also offer ongoing maintenance service for all makes and models of garbage disposals, as well as drain cleaning to keep your drainpipes clean. We highly recommend having your garbage disposal and drain lines inspected on an annual basis to ensure everything is working properly.

Quality Garbage Disposal Service

If you are interested in learning more about garbage disposal installation, replacement or repair services in Layton, UT or the surrounding areas, call the garbage disposal experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service today. If you want need a new installation service or garbage disposal replacement, call and ask to talk with one of our expert plumbers. We’re always available and happy to answer your questions, and we offer 24/7 garbage disposal repair and other plumbing services related to the proper care of your garbage disposal.