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Professional HVAC Contractors & Plumbers in Roy, UT

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If you need great plumbing, HVAC, or fireplace services in Roy, UT there’s no better company to go with than Rentmeister Total Home Service. At Rentmeister Total Home Service we’re more than just an HVAC company, we’re a family run and operated business with roots here in Utah.

We’ve faithfully served Roy, UT and the surrounding area for the last 50 years. We understand the wants and needs of homeowners here and our understanding reflects in our high-rated reviews and customer satisfaction. Our technicians are the best of the best. We ensure that they’re always licensed, qualified, and knowledgeable. 

The experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service provide professional HVAC and plumbing services throughout the Roy, UT area.  Give us a call today or schedule an appointment online!

Plumbing Services in Roy, UT

If you have a plumbing problem, even if it’s seemingly minor, you should always have a professional plumber fix it. We respect your time, so we ensure that our plumbers are dependable, efficient, and prepared for their job.

We provide a wide-range of plumbing services-everything from drain cleaning to repiping. We also understand just how urgent your plumbing needs are, so we provide 24/7 emergency services. We’ll help make sure that your plumbing system is always running smoothly. Call us today if you need a licensed, insured, and top rated plumber in Roy, UT. 

Heating Services in Roy, UT

Temperatures here dip well down low in the winter. While our weather may not be as cold as those in the northern parts of our country, the temperatures still get low enough that a dependable heating system is very necessary. Our team at Rentmeister Total Home Service will help you avoid any heating mishaps this winter. We serve the entire Roy, UT area with residential heating installation, repair, and maintenance needs. 

Our technicians have extensive knowledge about several heating systems including everything from your standard central heating to heat pumps, hybrid heating systems, ductless mini split systems, and zone-controlled systems.

Air Conditioning Services in Roy, UT

If you want your home’s air conditioning system to remain functional and efficient throughout our hot summers here in Roy, UT, then you need professional assistance.

Our technicians are ready for whatever job you may have for them and have the knowledge and tools to perform the job quickly and efficiently. We service standard central air conditioning and heat pumps as well as hybrid, geothermal, and zone-controlled air conditioning systems. Come see why residents in Roy, UT trust us for all of their residential air conditioning needs. 

Fireplace Installation & Repair in Roy, UT

The warm, comforting glow of the flames in your fireplace is one of the best parts of winter. Don’t deprive yourself of this joy by neglecting your system. At Rentmeister Total Home Service, we service gas fireplaces of all kinds and we also provide great repairs, maintenance, and installations.

If you’re looking to install a new system or upgrade from your old one, we can provide you with valuable knowledge too-we only work with quality brands. Our services ensure that your fireplace always runs well.

If you want the best service possible for your home, schedule an appointment today!