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Experienced & Reliable Service, Since 1963

Serving Davis, Weber, and Salt Lake Counties

For three generations the Rentmeister family has been leading the industry in home heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical at a price that any family can afford. Voted as Davis and Weber Counties favorite locally owned HVAC and Plumbing company for 2023.


Your Homes Comfort is Our Family's Pledge

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet All Types of Needs


When you need a great plumber in Layton, UT, simply call Rentmeister Total Home Service. Our plumbing professionals are the experts who can handle any service you need. We understand how important your plumbing is for your home, and we’ll go the extra mile to see you receive the finest quality work.


Rentmeister Total Home Service has a dedicated team of professionals who can help you stay warm this winter and every winter. We know that you want a qualified team, and we’re the right experts for all of your heating service needs. Here are a few reasons to make us your first choice for home heating assistance:


Indoor air quality is a critical part of a comfortable and healthy home. Far too many houses today have low indoor air quality, and your house may be one of them. If you have concerns about your home’s indoor air quality, Rentmeister Total Home Service is the team to trust for information and services to improve it.


There isn’t much that outranks the importance of home electrical services. If you want a safe and livable house, you need quality electrical systems and the best electricians to handle repairs, new electrical installations, replacements, and routine maintenance. You’ll find the right experts for any of these jobs at Rentmeister Total Home Service.


We had the wonderful opportunity to help Adam through a partnered giveaway with FM100. Times had been very difficult on him and his family. Our giveaway originally included only an AC unit but after further inspection and discussion we decided it would be best to gift Adam a new Furnace and Dual Fuel Home Comfort system to keep his home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This was such a heartwarming event and we look forward to more opportunities to help others in need. 




The ambiance, comfort, and warmth that a fireplace can provide to a home are unparalleled. But a great fireplace requires proper installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance.


Only entrust these jobs to a professional team like ours at Rentmeister Total Home Service. 


Call Rentmeister Total Home Service for all your fireplace installation, replacement, and repair needs.


Durability Best in-class warranty- Built with patented Co-Turf technology. We don't build flimsy 5 year kitchens, we build 50 year plus kitchens.


Ease- We pre-build 90% of each kitchen in our factory in hurricane. The kitchen is assembled at your home within just a few hours by a professional.


Flexibility- We have several pre-design configurations, but also offer custom solutions. Can be installed on pavers, decks, gravel or a concrete pad - no footings required. 

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