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Client Testimonial: The Importance of Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

February 8th, 2016

We write a lot about the importance of improving your indoor air quality, and about all the airborne contaminants in the average home that could cause serious health issues. This week, though, we have a client testimonial that helps illustrate just how much of a difference indoor air quality services can make. Let’s take a look at the Hansen family, and how our indoor air quality services greatly improved their health.

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How to Prolong the Life of Your Garbage Disposal

February 1st, 2016

We often have this image of garbage disposals as invincible machines, capable of dealing with any amount of food waste with little problem. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Garbage disposals are actually far more vulnerable to problems and breakdowns than people know. If you want to make sure that your garbage disposal lasts as long as possible, it’s a good idea to take certain steps. Let’s take a look at those steps now.

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Common Heat Pump Problems

January 25th, 2016

Heat pumps develop the occasional problem, just like any other system. The chances of a problem developing increase during the winter, however, as the heat pump is used more often. If you’re using a heat pump to keep warm this winter, you should be aware of some common problems that may crop up with your system. Read on to find out more about problems that your heat pump may run into, and when to call for repairs.

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Why You Might Want to Install a Tankless Water Heater

January 18th, 2016

Until fairly recently, the only type of water heater used in homes was the tank variety. Tank water heaters make use of large storage tanks, which keep many gallons of water heated at all times just in case they are needed. In the past few years, however, tankless water heaters have started to become more and more popular. If you are in the market for a new water heater, take a look at what a tankless water heater can do for you.

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Should I Replace My Heat Pump?

January 11th, 2016

A heat pump can last a good long time, as long as you take proper care of it. No matter how well you take care of it, though, it will not last forever. There will eventually come a point when your heat pump will break down for good. Since you don’t want that to happen at an inopportune time (like winter) it is a good idea to know the signs that you need a new heat pump. Read on for an outline of some of the signs that you need a heat pump.

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Signs That You Have Hard Water in Your Plumbing

January 4th, 2016

Hard water is an extremely common problem that occurs in plumbing systems across the United States. It is responsible for the formation of lime scale, which is a type of mineral deposit that is responsible for restricting the flow of water through pipes and reducing the efficiency of the plumbing system in general. If the lime scale isn’t caught and removed early enough, it will harden and the entire pipe will have to be replaced.

It is important that you be able to identify the signs that you have a hard water problem happening in your home, so that you can have it addressed as soon as possible. Read on for more information on how to identify hard water issues in your home.

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Use Zone Control to Improve Your Heating System

December 28th, 2015

One of the biggest disadvantages associated with central forced-air heaters is their inability to modulate their output for different areas of the house. Since each room in a home tends to be insulated slightly differently, central heating often creates hot and cold spots in rooms that heat up or cool off faster than others. This leads to a lot of wasted energy, as well as a fair bit of discomfort for those in the home. Fortunately, there’s a fairly easy way to fix this issue. Read on to find out more about zone control.

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3 Furnace Problems You Should Watch for

December 21st, 2015

Winter is the most stressful time of year for furnaces, many of which work on a daily basis to keep their homes warm. That kind of daily use makes it more and more likely for the furnace to develop all kinds of problems. Since furnace problems get progressively worse the longer they are allowed to continue, it’s a good idea to call for repairs as soon as you notice anything strange with your system. Let’s go over a few furnace problems that you might run into this winter.

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Be Aware of These Strange Furnace Noises

December 14th, 2015

Furnaces make all sorts of noise during operation, and if you’ve had your furnace for longer than a few days, you are probably familiar with all of the usual sounds that the system makes. Some sounds, however, are not typical to furnace operation. It is these sounds that you need to listen for, as they indicate various problems with your system. The sooner you can identify a strange sound as an indication of a problem, the sooner you can get your system repaired and the more damage that you can prevent. Let’s take a look at a couple of the more common problem sounds that a furnace might make.

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Why Your Heat Pump Is Icing Over

December 7th, 2015

As you rely on your heat pump to keep you warm throughout the winter, you may notice ice starting to form on the outside unit. This is not necessarily a problem, but under the wrong circumstances it can definitely have a negative impact on the performance of the heat pump. In order to help you keep your heat pump in good condition, let’s take a look at when ice becomes a threat to the system.

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