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When to Upgrade Your AC System

If you’ve lived in Layton long enough to experience a summer here, then you know how warm it gets. While there are many perks to this like days spent out in the sunshine, summer barbecues, and dips in the pool, there are also potential drawbacks if your air conditioner isn’t ready to serve you. This is when you should consider an air conditioning upgrade in Layton, UT. 

We understand that the process of upgrading your air conditioner can be a challenging one. If you want to make sure that you’re prepared for the rest of the spring season and the entirety of the summer season, then we suggest consulting with our professionals. Our goal is to make this easy for you. Let’s talk about the signs that you should contact us below…

Key Signs It’s Time to Upgrade

The following are signs you might encounter this spring season. If you do, then it’s time to consider an upgrade for your air conditioning system.

An Air Conditioner That’s Reached Old Age

If your air conditioner has reached old age, then it’s time to consider an upgrade no matter what the status of your system is. We suggest an upgrade by the time your air conditioner gets to 10 or 15 years old. This is the set amount of time that your air conditioner is supposed to last. If you try to push your air conditioner past this age range, it’s likely that you’ll run into efficiency problems. We’ll help you find the right new air conditioner and install it for you.


Are you noticing that your air conditioner runs in odd cycles, doesn’t cool you properly, or has any other oddities? These are all signs of inefficiency. If this is an ongoing issue, then replacement is your best bet. We’ll help you find the right new system. 

Lack of Comfort

Are you struggling to get your home cool? This isn’t something that should be a reality in your home if you have an adequately sized air conditioner. The truth might be that your air conditioner has come to the end of its run. It’s time to upgrade your air conditioner if this is the case.

High Energy Bills

Are you paying high energy bills every month throughout the spring and summer? This isn’t a sustainable practice nor is it something you should have to deal with. If you can’t pinpoint a direct cause for the spike in your energy bills, then it’s time to consider an upgrade. Inefficiency is plaguing your system and it will only grow worse with time. 

Frequent Repair Work

You shouldn’t have to repair your air conditioner more than once every few years. If you find that each spring or summer season brings along air conditioner troubles, then it’s time to schedule an appointment to discuss your upgrade options. Repairing your air conditioner this often might seem like the right choice because when you compare the price of a repair and the price of a replacement, then repair is much cheaper. But this isn’t the case if you have to repair it multiple times over the course of a season.

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