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The ambiance, comfort, and warmth that a fireplace can provide to a home are unparalleled. But a great fireplace requires proper installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance. Only entrust these jobs to a professional team like ours at Rentmeister Total Home Service. Call Rentmeister Total Home Service for all your fireplace installation, replacement, and repair needs. We are American Hearth and Monessen Hearth specialists, and we back up all the work we do with our satisfaction guarantee. We’re focused on providing only quality workmanship and the best in customer service. Call us in Layton, UT and surrounding areas today.


Our fireplace installation and replacement experts offer services for a variety of fireplaces. We install high-efficiency fireplaces, direct vent fireplaces, and multi-sided fireplaces, as well as gas log and wood stove inserts into existing fireplaces. We also install wall-mounted and stand-alone fireplaces to match your specific needs. If you need any component for an existing fireplace, such as a door, mantel, or screen, we can take care of that as well.


We can ensure that your fireplace will work safely and efficiently this winter with our fireplace repair and maintenance services. We recommend yearly inspections for any type of fireplace so our experts can catch possible troubles early. Whenever you have concerns about your fireplace, don’t hesitate to call us. Our fireplace repair technicians will get to your home promptly and fix the problem. We offer a maintenance plan and comprehensive fireplace tune-up services and inspections as well.

Fireplaces are great for almost any home, but traditional fireplaces aren’t feasible for all situations. If you’re in this latter category, you might want to consider installing a gas stove. You can trust Rentmeister Total Home Service to handle any service for your gas stove—starting with installing it. Our highly trained technicians explain our products and services in a manner that’s easy to understand. We believe that every family deserves a safe and comfortable home.

we’re the contractor to call in Layton, UT as well as Davis, Weber, and Salt Lake City Counties.


We’ll ensure your gas log fireplace is properly installed, and we back up our initial work with regular maintenance and timely repairs. We want you to have the best fireplace to make your home cozy and inviting, so we work with the highest-quality brands and only employ the most skilled and qualified technicians. It’s important to start strong with a gas log installation, and our team will see this is the case for your home. Our technicians will help you with selecting the right gas logs so the many options won’t feel overwhelming. Our long history in the area makes it straightforward for us to find the new installation that will work perfectly for any home, including yours.


Fireplaces can add wonderful ambiance and warmth to a home. If you’re looking to add a fireplace to your house, we recommend considering gas fireplace inserts—especially if you don’t want to put in a traditional fireplace. Fireplace inserts are an excellent option because they combine warmth, energy efficiency, and convenience. The installation of a gas fireplace insert is simpler than a traditional fireplace, but it still requires professional service. Our team of experts will ensure your new fireplace is installed correctly so it works at the highest safety levels.


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