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How a Humidifier Can Change Your Heating Efficiency

When you think about staying warm during the cold weather season, what do you think about? We can bet that you think about having a great heater, a roaring fireplace, and maybe a warm blanket or two. We can bet that humidity isn’t one of the first things that come to mind, but humidity is actually one of the best allies you can have if you’re trying to stay warm. 

Today, we want to inform you about everything humidity-related. We’re experts and we understand everything about humidifiers in Layton, UT. If you need a team of professionals who you can rely on whenever you need them, then we’re the team to turn to. We know our stuff and we make sure that we pay it forward. 

The Importance of Humidity

We want to take a moment to praise humidity. Humidity is one of the best things that can happen to your home during a cold and dry Layton winter. Typically, humidity is something that gets a bad reputation no matter what season it is or where you are. Most of us associate humidity with a hot, muggy, and unbearable summer day. Although this is a time when humidity would be quite apparent to you, this isn’t the only time that humidity is relevant. 

Humidity becomes your ally during a dry winter. Your home needs proper humidity balance. Your humidity should always hang in the range between 30% and 50%. If it dips below (typically during the winter season), you’re going to notice you feel cooler than usual and struggling to get warm. Balancing indoor humidity will help you get warm with ease and stay that way. 

The Benefits of a Humidifier 

Here are several of the best benefits of having a humidifier:

  • Better Comfort: It’s easier to get comfortable at home with the right humidity balance. One of the best benefits of humidity is that it makes you feel warmer. This is why it’s such a big ally in winter. When you run your humidifier, it’s likely that you’ll feel warmer sooner and stay warm for longer periods of time. 

  • Easier Warmth: Getting warmer with ease means that you’ll use your heater either less often or to a less extreme extent. Getting warm in your own home shouldn’t be a struggle. If you want to reduce your stress and make the process of heating up quicker, then a humidifier is right for you.

  • Lower Energy Bills: When you use your home’s heater less often, you’re going to reduce your home’s energy bills as a result. Lower energy bills will help you reduce your carbon footprint and save you money. This is why it’s a worthwhile investment. 

The Impact of Professional Service

If you decide to invest in a whole-home humidifier, make sure that you’re doing so through the help of a professional. Professional service is what’s going to make your investment worthwhile. Our professionals know how to help you choose the right unit and perform all the subsequent services you might need. 

Contact Rentmeister Total Home Service for your indoor air quality service in Layton.

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