Maintenance Is the Best Way to Avoid Future Furnace Problems

September 18th, 2023

You don’t want to come home this winter to find out that your furnace stopped working while you were away one day. The good news is that it’s easy to stay ahead of furnace problems and even prevent them from happening at all.

The answer to future furnace problems is furnace maintenance. And if you haven’t scheduled an appointment for a furnace tune-up yet this year, now is a great time to do so. You can keep reading to learn more about the benefits of furnace maintenance ahead of the winter season.

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How Long Can You Maintain a Water Heater Before It’s Time to Replace It?

September 4th, 2023

Water heaters are designed to last a long time, but they will not last forever. Depending on whether you have a gas or electric water heater, it can last longer or need to be replaced sooner. 

Of course, scheduling annual water heater maintenance in Ogden, UT, also plays a role in how long your water heater will last. Keep reading if you want to learn more about caring for your water heater and how long you can expect it to last. 

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Why Water Is Dripping From Your Air Conditioner

August 21st, 2023

If you’re not familiar with how a cooling cycle works inside of your air conditioner, you may feel alarmed when you notice water leaking out of your AC. Don’t get us wrong, leaks are always concerning. But, water flow inside of your air conditioner is actually completely normal.

You still need to call and schedule an appointment for air conditioning repair in Salt Lake City when you notice a leak. You can keep reading to learn more about why there is water flow inside of your air conditioner and why you may have a leak. We even have tips for preventing leaks from happening again in the future.

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What Parts Make a Heat Pump Different From an AC?

August 7th, 2023

You know that heat pumps and central air conditioners are different, but they also work very similarly, too. So what’s the difference between the two systems anyway? There are a few key components that set a heat pump apart from more traditional central air conditioners. 

You can keep reading to learn more about how heat pumps are different from other air conditioners. Then, give our team a call when you need to schedule service because of any heat pump problems. We are always here to help, even if you just need questions answered.

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What to Plan for When You Get a New Heating System for Your Home

July 24th, 2023

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a new heater for your home before winter rolls around, you may be researching your options. Alongside that research comes the natural curiosity of what to expect during a heater installation.

If you need a new heating system in Layton, our team can help. Now is actually a great time to install a heater ahead of the fall and winter seasons. You can keep reading to learn more about what to expect during heater installation so you can plan ahead.

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The Rusted Water Heater: The End of the Line?

July 10th, 2023

Rust begins to develop on, or in your water heater due to corrosion. Unfortunately, rust usually means that your water heater needs to be replaced, with a couple of exceptions. If you have noticed rust on your water heater, it’s better to act quickly in case repairs can be made.

Otherwise, you’ll need to invest in a water heater replacement. Either way, our team can help. You can keep reading to learn more about rust on or around your water heater and when it means that you need a replacement.

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How to Ensure Your Heater Is Working as Safely as Possible

June 26th, 2023

It’s summer and you’re probably not giving your heater much thought. But, it’s always good to have your major appliances at the top of your mind, both your heater and your air conditioner. When you’re constantly learning more about how to operate these household appliances, you can make small improvements to how you use and care for them.

If you haven’t already scheduled heating repair in Salt Lake City this year, it’s better to stay ahead of problems. Don’t wait until winter rolls around again to service your heater. You can keep reading to learn more about why maintenance is so important and how you can prioritize heater safety for your home and family. 

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Will a Heat Pump Work Well in Our Climate?

June 12th, 2023

If you’re shopping around for a new air conditioner or heater this summer, you may be considering a heat pump. Since it’s an all-in-one system, it offers a wide variety of benefits. But many homeowners wonder if heat pumps are beneficial for the climate where we live. Is a heat pump worth it?

The short answer is yes, with one key consideration. You can keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of having a heat pump up north. Then, give our team a call for your in-home assessment and to talk about your heat pump options.

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What Can I Do About a Toilet That Runs Continuously?

May 15th, 2023
toilet in bathroom

If you have a toilet in your home that runs constantly, it could be costing you hundreds of dollars every month on your water bill. Your toilet should fill up with water again after each flush. But until someone flushes the toilet another time, you should not hear the sound of running water. 

If you do, that means your toilet is using water more frequently than it should. You may be wondering what causes a toilet to run, and our team is here to help answer your questions.

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Watch for These Signs of AC Problems as the Season Gets Underway

May 1st, 2023

Spring is well underway and temperatures are only going to continue heating up as summer approaches. That means your air conditioner is ramping up to work harder to keep your home cool on the hottest days of summer. And the harder your AC works, the more wear and tear it takes on. As the days heat up, there are some AC signs you can watch for that are cause for concern. 

Keep reading to learn more about the indications that may mean you need air conditioning repair in Salt Lake City. Then, give our team a call if you think you need to schedule an appointment. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to addressing problems with your air conditioner. 

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