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Water Softener Services in Layton, UT

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Hard water is a persistent issue in many homes. If you’re struggling with residue on your dishes, dry skin or hair, or even brittle nails, then your house likely has hard water—and it’s time to consider a water softener. All you need to do is call Rentmeister Total Home Service and our plumbers will help you with a water softener installation in Layton, UT or elsewhere in Davis, Weber, and Salt Lake City Counties.

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We have a highly trained and experienced team of plumbers who know the effects of hard water and the best way to combat them. We can recommend water softener models and install, repair, replace, and maintain them.

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How to Tell You Need a Water Softener

There are plenty of indications that you may have hard water moving through your plumbing system. Among the most common is a mineral-like taste to the water. The minerals of hard water will accumulate into hardened deposits on the interior surface of the various pipes and plumbing fixtures throughout the house. Indeed, another common sign that you could benefit from a water softener is the appearance of green or yellow mineral deposits on showerheads, fixtures and drains.

What a Water Softener Does

You’re probably wondering how a water softener works. The process is actually quite simple. A water softener is typically installed at the main water line so that it can soften the entire water supply rather than just for a single fixture. As the water enters, it passes through polystyrene beads that have been ionized with sodium. When the calcium and magnesium come into contact with this sodium, this mineral content that makes your water "hard" is substituted for sodium. Because this is a small amount of sodium, you’ll hardly know the difference in taste. The benefits far outweigh the long-term hazards of hard water.

Signs That Your Water Softener Needs Repair or Maintenance

When properly installed, your water softener should work reliably for many years. But there will inevitably come a time when the device needs to be evaluated and either repaired or replaced. Perhaps you’ve noticed that the hard water has returned, or you’ve noticed a drop in water pressure around the house. Whatever your reasons, leave the job to us. Not only do we install water softeners, we also make sure that your water softener is repaired or maintained as need be. Contact Rentmeister Total Home Service in Layton, UT today.