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Do Water Softeners Help Your Home Health?

A water softener is a system that gets installed to filter water before it ever enters your home. The ideas that if you have hard water, the high mineral content gets filtered out before ever entering your plumbing system. The questions that we get a lot include: Are water softeners necessary? Do they really do that much to improve home health? 

The short answer is, yes. If you’re interested in a water softener in Ogden, our team can help. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about the benefits of water softeners for home health, so that you have a better understanding of the investment.

The Problem With Hard Water

If you turn on your kitchen faucet and fill up a glass of water with the intent of inspecting it, you won’t be able to tell whether or not you have hard water. You can even try to drink the water, but hard water does not always have a bad taste. This makes it very difficult to tell whether or not you have hard water, and if so, how many minerals are present in it.

But if it has been determined that your home has hard water, then those very tiny particles are building up throughout your home’s plumbing system and water appliances. You may even be seeing the side effects of hard water without realizing that’s what it is. For example, you may have low water pressure, hot water that doesn’t get quite as hot as you expect it to, or a higher tendency for drain clogs. 

Over time, hard water can do a lot of damage to your plumbing and water appliances like your water heater, clothes washer and dishwasher may lose efficiency and need to be replaced sooner. They may wear down faster and corrode on the inside. You don’t even realize the damage is happening until you have to do something about it. 

Water Softener Benefits

A water softener eliminates the minerals from hard water before they ever enter your home. This protects all of your plumbing fixtures and appliances, but there are a number of other benefits, too. You’ll notice less soap scum left behind on dishes, even those that come out of the dishwasher. You’ll also notice that your hair is softer and gets less tangled, and your skin is not as dry. 

When you clean, you won’t leave behind any streaky residue on surfaces as you would with hard water. You’ll also notice a difference in your clothes when you wash them, because they won’t be negatively impacted by hard water. And if you are one of the people who thinks that hard water tastes different, you’ll be happy to know that you no longer have to worry about filtering your water because the whole house water softener is doing that for you. 

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