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What to Plan for When You Get a New Heating System for Your Home

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a new heater for your home before winter rolls around, you may be researching your options. Alongside that research comes the natural curiosity of what to expect during a heater installation.

If you need a new heating system in Layton, our team can help. Now is actually a great time to install a heater ahead of the fall and winter seasons. You can keep reading to learn more about what to expect during heater installation so you can plan ahead.


The first step to installing a new heating system is to pick out your new unit and schedule the installation. Ideally, you want to schedule installation ahead of when you’ll actually need to use your heater. You don’t want to put off the appointment until mid-season when temperatures are already cooling down. 

Instead, schedule your service now and rest assured knowing that you will have an efficient new system and peace of mind when temperatures begin to drop. We encourage you to pick a day that you can be home for the entire span of the installation, which can take up to eight hours depending on what type of heater you have now and what type of heater you are installing.

Children and Pets

We also encourage you to make arrangements for your children and pets. They can remain in your home, but should stay out of the way of our technicians for safety reasons. You can keep your pets locked up in a single room of your home that we won’t have to access for the installation.

You should also encourage children to stay in a room that is away from installation. This may be a living room or bedroom, where they have activities to keep them busy. Another alternative would be to have a friend or family member keep your children or pets during the day of installation, which might be the easiest thing to do.

Home Decor and Furniture

During our assessment we will talk to you about any furniture or decorations that may need to be moved ahead of installation. We do not want to harm any of your belongings. If there are personal items that are too close to where your heater is stored, we encourage you to put them away to prevent them from being inadvertently damaged.

Having furniture in the way can also make our technicians’ jobs harder and extend the installation process. We want it to go as easily and smoothly as possible, both for your family and our technicians. Clearing a path for them to work well aid in this effort. 

Plan to Be Home

We also encourage you to plan on being home for the entire day. We may have questions or need your input as we make decisions for your heater. For example, there may be connections that are significantly older and need to be replaced in order for your heater to have the most potential to operate efficiently. Things like this will require your permission since they may end up costing more money than we initially quoted. We might also discover ways to improve your ductwork layout or other components. 

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