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Why Water Softeners Are Necessary and Why You Need One

Investing in home appliances is a big decision. When you’re making that kind of investment, you want to know exactly how the appliance works and what it offers your home and family. A water softener is a smart investment, no doubt. But it is also expensive. 

If your home has particularly hard water, a water softener can protect your home and offer greater comfort to your family. Sure, you can get by without one. But once you know how a water softener works, you won’t want to live another day without one. If you’re interested in a water softener in Ogden, our team can help. Before you give us a call, read on to learn more about why water softeners are necessary for homes with hard water.

About Hard Water

Water is considered hard when it has high levels of minerals, like calcium and magnesium. These minerals can change how your water feels and how it tastes. But these minerals can also build up inside your home’s plumbing system and cause damage over time. Hard water damage includes limescale buildup, pipes that wear down faster, and residue on your dishes after washing them. 

Water Softener Benefits

If hard water isn’t causing any obvious concerns in your home, you may be wondering why a water softener is necessary.

Use Fewer Cleaning Products

When you have hard water, it makes it more difficult to clean. You may end up using more soap to get the rich lather that you desire. Impact on soap use can include showering, washing dishes, and even doing laundry. Soft water, which has a lower mineral content, is more effective for cleaning. Experts share that soft water cleans better than hard water even when using lower water temperatures and fewer cleaning supplies.

Skin Irritation

If you have sensitive skin, you may blame it on a health condition. But, hard water can make your symptoms worse. The minerals found in hard water may not be visible to the naked eye, but they can have a huge impact on your overall health. Those minerals can worsen eczema and dry out your skin faster than soft water. This even extends to washing clothes. Soft water gets clothes cleaner, and removes more of the irritants that can otherwise rub against your skin all day.

Better Taste 

If you think that water tastes like water no matter where it is from, it doesn’t. Hard water can taste different because of its high mineral content. Some of these minerals are good for your health, so you may think that hard water is better for you. But getting too many of these minerals can be dangerous for your health in some cases. Plus, you should be getting those minerals in the food you eat. 

Protection for Plumbing

If your comfort is not reason enough to invest in a water softener, consider it a long-term investment in your plumbing and other water-related appliances. Hard water can damage your pipes, your bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and even appliances like your dishwasher and clothing washer, meaning you have to replace these items sooner.

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