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Did You Forget Heating Maintenance in Fall? You Should Still Schedule It

Oops! It totally slipped your mind to schedule furnace maintenance last year before the winter season began. You may be thinking that you might as well skip it for the season and wait to schedule the service again later this year in the fall when you usually would. But we encourage you to go ahead and schedule furnace maintenance now instead of putting it off. 

It’s always better to address potential problems sooner rather than later. Just give our team a call to schedule heater maintenance in Layton and we will get you on the schedule. You can keep reading to learn more about why furnace maintenance is so important, even if you schedule the service a later in the season.

Reasons to Schedule Heating Maintenance Now

There is no better time than the present. Planning to schedule service later can sometimes mean that it never winds up happening. “Later” is always just around the corner. When you schedule heating maintenance now, you enjoy immediate benefits. First, you can save money on your monthly energy costs. Tweaks to your heater can go a long way toward boosting its energy efficiency.

Plus, you enjoy better overall comfort and you’re home when your heater is working at its best: it can produce the results you expect, and your home will get warm faster and remain a more consistent temperature throughout the day.

But there are long-term benefits as well. Your heater can last longer and maintain a higher level of energy efficiency across its entire lifespan. Plus, when you invest in maintenance there is less of a chance that unexpected heating repairs will pop up. Not only are you saving yourself from the headache of a heateing system breakdown, but you’re also saving the money that you would’ve otherwise spent on those repairs.

Risks of Skipping the Service

When you skip out on scheduling regular heating maintenance, you definitely risk a break down instead. Plus, most heaters come with a standard warranty. But there is a caveat to the warranty that requires you to schedule professional maintenance once each year or the warranty will be voided. 

By skipping out on maintenance every year or even just here and there, you’re risking a voided manufacturer’s warranty for your heater. If something does come up within the warranty period that would otherwise be covered, a lack of professional maintenance means you are left covering the costs on your own.

Consistency Is Key

Ideally, you want to schedule maintenance consistently every single year. You can pick a season and schedule the service each year around that same timeframe. Some homeowners like to schedule their heater maintenance right before the winter season. Others like to schedule the service after the winter season is over before they turn their heater off for the summer time. The timing is up to you as long as you prioritize the service annually. 

Contact your HVAC and plumbing experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service today! Schedule an appointment for heating maintenance with confidence.

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