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How Long Does a Furnace Last?

Whether you are investing in a brand-new furnace, or have an older model already installed, you may be wondering how long you can expect a furnace to last. The answer to this question can vary greatly depending on the source.

You can keep reading to learn more about the expected lifespan of a furnace, and how to know that it’s time to schedule furnace installation in Salt Lake City. When you’re ready to schedule your furnace service, you can give our team a call for an in-home assessment.

Average Furnace Lifespan

A furnace will last for an average of 10 to 15 years. You may read in other places that furnaces can last for 30 years or longer. However, we discourage you from keeping a furnace in place for that long. Older furnaces use outdated components and standards. Keeping a furnace in place for that many decades can mean that you are sacrificing efficiency and putting your home and family at risk. 

A more modern furnace will be up-to-date on the latest safety standards and have a higher efficiency rating. We know that it can cost a lot to invest in a brand-new furnace, but doing so can save you on your monthly energy bills, especially if you purchase and install a high-efficiency model.

Factors That Impact Furnace Lifespan

You also have to consider that how well you care for your furnace will go a long way toward either extending its lifespan or greatly shortening it. Changing out the air filter regularly and monitoring for any problems will help you extend the lifespan of your heater. Putting off maintenance appointments and skipping out on repairs can mean that your furnace will have a shorter-than-average lifespan.

Tips for Extending Furnace Lifespan

You can complete homeowner maintenance steps to help your furnace last longer. For example, you can turn your furnace off completely and allow it to cool down. Then open the cabinet inside and wipe it down to eliminate any dust or soot buildup. Doing this once a month goes a long way toward reducing the amount of dust that is inside your furnace.

It’s also important to change out the air filter on time every one to three months. Keeping the inside of the unit clean will help to extend its lifespan. You can also read the ratings on air filters and select a higher-quality filter that removes more dust and dirt.

Keep an eye on the outdoor exhaust to make sure there is plenty of space around the exhaust vent for air to exit your home. If you notice any blockages, you should get those addressed right away so that exhaust air does not get trapped inside your furnace closet and overheat.

As much good as you can do as a homeowner, it is equally important to invest in professional maintenance for your furnace. Our team will take extra steps to look at the intricate details of your furnace and make sure the components work together effectively to heat your home. 

If we notice any problems, we’ll bring them to your attention and suggest repairs or replacements. This is a great way to prevent a furnace break down and keep from having to spend money on more serious repair needs later on.

Contact your HVAC and plumbing experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service today! Schedule an appointment for plumbing service with confidence.

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